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Bright Packaging SAPI de CV is the result of the union of a group of visionary people who together have more than 100 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry (Caps and Labels). On one hand, the Lichtenfeld Family, owners of RAVICORP with more than 65 years in the industry, and on the other hand,  the Mexican partners, founders of Ravisud de México and other successful companies. Together they found Bright Packaging in 2016, making sure to gather the best group of professionals in the industry.



Provide the best solutions to our customers in the packaging industry, and be a row model company by continuously creating added value for our employees, community and partners.


Always be the first choice for our customers. To achieve this, we have fostered a culture of raising awareness among our employees that their work matters and is reflected in the best product and consequently the satisfaction of our customers.


Our people are the most important element, so we promote their professional development as well as human development; promoting training and   participation in the decision-making process, this being the central reason and basically the company existence, always supported by the following values:


  • HONESTY: We believe in honesty as a factor of personal and business development, so it is promoted at all levels of the company with the highest priority.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: For us to act responsibly is to act convinced and committed to what we must do and therefore not wait for someone else to do it for us. A responsible person is the one who in exercise of their freedom and ability to make decisions, acts when they must, and assumes the risks and consequences of actions, decisions or omissions, both for good or bad.

  • TEAMWORK: We believe that teamwork is the best way to achieve any task, so we promote it at all levels within our organization.

  • COMMITMENT: For us, being committed is believing in what we do every day, seeking to do it better the next day.

  • LOYALTY: Enjoy the work and be prepared for both good and bad times.

  •  HUMILITY: Be modest in everything we do well and recognize what others do better than us so we can learn from them.

  • PUNTUALITY: Value our time as much as others time.

  • AMABILITY: It will never subtract, it will only add up.

  • TOLERANCE: Understand that others can think, do or react differently than we would, so being tolerant will only improve the work environment.

  • RESPECT: Everyone deserves it, and to receive it, we have to preach by the example.






Our team consists of highly qualified people with experience in the sector; We are a great family!.


Machinery and equipment

State of the art machinery and equipment in injection and compression on the closure division. Digital Printing and HD flexo last generation machine for the labels and flexible packaging.  We are convinced that technology plays an important role and that is why we invest in the best.

Bright Packaging and its partners, have strengthened strategic alliances with leading technology companies. We work closely with those companies allowing a quick and efficient access to latest technologies and cutting-edge developments to create real solutions for our customers.


Technical assistance

Our commitment is to assist our customers whenever required. An excellent product is always accompanied by excellent technical service.

We accompany our clients from the development of packaging to the final application of our products in their production lines. We have technical people with great experience to generate added value at the costumer’s side.

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